Custom Handmade Collars and Leashes 

Choose from our colorful  selections of 100% cotton fabric.  
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Bandanna Bonanza!

Custom Handmade Coats

I love to sew and create.  I love my dogs.  I put those two thoughts together to create The Patchwork Dog.  The thing is, I don't want to make a bunch of standardized products.  I want to create a product built for YOUR dog.  To that end, I have created 5 general style concepts, listed below.

To make a custom anything, the designer and the purchaser must enter into a relationship that involves discussion.   I am still working through the best way to do this.  I recommend you contact me through the contact page and we will start that discussion. 

From you I need:  the coat style, measurements (download our measurement form), and your ideas about the "look" you would like.  With those ideas in hand, I will create and send you a muslin pattern and color/trim swatches.  (If you prefer to head to the fabric store, you can provide your own materials.) You will fit the pattern on your dog, make recommendations for fitting changes, and choose your materials.  Once I receive your approval and the returned pattern (if changes are required), your coat goes in to production.

Base pricing for the design you choose is listed with the coat you order.  Materials cost are additional and will be determined once the coat is designed.  This will be due before the final product is shipped.

I know this all sounds cumbersome.  Success is based on building a partnership to create a special product--just like if you were going to a designer to have a dress designed for yourself.  The product we create will be a unique expression of your relationship with your pup.