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We are a tiny little company with the great big goal of making your pup a fashion icon

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Welcome to our website

The Patchwork Dog offers quality handmade dog collars and leashes for your fashion forward canine companion. 

We are also proud to announce the addition of a new line of custom, handmade dog coats. 

Each product you order is made by hand, specifically for your best friend.  We hope you enjoy our selection of summer patterns.

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What's the poop?

Summer is wrapping up and we are excited to move into a new season.  Stay tuned to see our new Fall and Christmas products, along with cheerful bandanna choices to brighten up your dog's day!

Hand Crafted and Made with Love

Each item we offer is produced by hand in Orange, Virginia.  We carefully choose quality materials with vibrant colors and happy, seasonal patterns.  Our durable plastic fittings and nickel plated zinc hardware all meet top industry standards.  

We are starting the company with a choice of small, medium and large collars and leashes.  Custom sizes are available; contact us for details.   We are also introducing the concept of custom made dog coats in five different style options.  Please contact us for specific details on the process for ordering dog coats.

For specific collar sizes and size comparisons, visit the "About" page and scroll down to the Product Gallery.  Also size specifics are listed in the Store.  Collars and leashes will ship within  5 business days of your order placement.  We will contact you if we are unable to meet this projected schedule.

And by the way, we want to see how your best friend looks in our product--so please send us pictures and we will post them on our Facebook page!

Some fine print stuff:  Our collars mellow with time and wear, just like fine wine.  When they arrive to you all new and ready to go, they will feel a little stiff.  Once they are put to work, they will soften and give a bit; just like your favorite tee-shirt or comfy slippers.

Any product you put on your dog is a potential hazard to your best friend if he/she is left unsupervised.  Please use all pet apparel products with awareness towards your dog's safety.  The Patchwork Dog is not responsible for injury that may result from unsupervised use of our products.  

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